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Yen Minh - Ha Giang

Yen Minh is a district of Ha Giang Province, 100km north-east of Ha Giang City. Yen Minh is part of Dong Van Karst Plateau – a member of the Global Geopark Network, bordered to the north-west by China, to the west by Quan Ba District, to the south-west by Vi Xuyen, to the south by Bac Me, to the south-east by Cao Bang Province, to the east by Meo Vac and Dong Van Districts.

The terrains of Yen Minh are mostly composed of steep dirt and karst mountains. Due to steep terrains and little amount of annual rainfall, the soil is especially dry and unproductive in Yen Minh. The local ethnic people grow some corn and rice on terraces, but much depends on the weather and they are in constant lack of food.

From Ha Giang, you travel to Yen Minh by passing on a steep and meandering road via Quan Ba. When the landscape changes from gray rocky mountains into barren hills, then you are in Yen Minh. The town of Yen Minh is located in the center of the district. If you travel from Quan Ba, then continue through Yen Minh Town, and the road forks into one narrow route to Dong Van and the other to Meo Vac.

Most travellers would make their trip through to Dong Van from Ha Giang, but some stay in Yen Minh and go exploring around the sublime barren hills around the town. There are plenty of opportunities for exotic photos at Yen Minh. There are hotels with basic facilities and restaurants in the town of Yen Minh.

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