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07 Days - Tonkin off beaten path

Ready to venture off beaten tracks like no Other with Ethnic Voyage. We design this itineray is just for you to stay away from the crowd and have the peace of minde while discovering new culture. This is a great way to get a good ingisht into local ethnic culture and unique experience

Day 01: HANOI - HOA BINH - MUONG KHEN - BAN HIEU ( Lunch and Dinner included )
Departure direction south-west towards Mai Chau ; lunch in the small town of Muong Khen. Before arriving in Mai Chau, we take a small mountain road southwards climbing from pass to pass and then on an impressive hairpin descent down to the valley separating the 2 park massifs. You arrive in the small Thai village of Ban Hieu. A 3-km easy walk leads you to the stilted house of charming Thai hosts Tam and Tung.

Day 02: TREKKING BAN HIEU ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included )
Beautiful trekkings of one full day going from small valley to small valley and villages, with picnic lunch provided. Stay overnight in Ban Hieu Village

Day 03: BAN HIEU - CO LUONG - MAI HICH ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included )
You cross the Pu Luong nature reserve from south to north, driving through the large valley separating the two massifs, until the small river village of Co Luong, known for its numerous bamboo chopsticks mini-factories ; visit one and continue to the Thai village of Mai Hich and its homestays. Stroll or bicycle around. Overnight at local family in stilt house

Day 04: MAI CHAU - SON LA ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included )
Beautiful road up to the town of Son La, the Capital of the Black Thaï (you recognize them easily, for the women have a big chignon on top of their head) ; visit the French Penitenciary, with its small Minority Museum and the ruins of the prison. Overnight at Hotel

Day 05: SON LA - MUONG LA - MU CANG CHAI ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included )
A superb day ahead ! Take the small mountain road direction Muong La. Between that village and the Photographers Road (Road 32), you drive for 50 km alongside a stunning road of small dam lakes on the Mu Na, River and limestone peaks, to arrive at the hmong village of Muong Kim. You end the day in the Thai village of Mu Can Chai. Stroll through the rice field to the hmong village Om Koum and stay at the Thai house of Mrs Chon, which overlooks the large rice field.

Day 06: MU CAN CHAI - LA PAN TAN – TULE - NGHIA LO ( Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner included )
Drive to the small village of Nga Ba Kim and turn left in the middle of the village, at the sign marked "La Pan Tan", into the deep valleys of terraced rice fields of La Pan Tan, classified National Heritage by the Vietnamese Government. Have lunch in Nga Ba Kim and drive again until the large valley of Nghia Lo. Overnight at Nghia Lo homestay

Day 07: NGHAI LO - DUONG LAM – HANOI ( Breakfast, Lunch included )
Way to the delta of the Red River to reach the ancient village of Duong Lam (Mong Phu) ; have lunch in one of the oldest houses (over 400 years). Then visit in Duong Lam the very old Mia Pagoda, which contains the largest collection of terra Cotta in Vietnam ; back to Hanoi, with visit on the way of the large complex of the the Tay Phuong Pagoda. End of our service

Mu Cang Chai is famous for the stretch of hazardous roads spreading out for tens kilometers of infinite and primeval landscapes, grandiose ranges of mountains and the peaceful and poetic picture of ethnics’ houses covered by terrace fields. Mu Cang Chai is located 180 kilometers away from Yen Bai city. You can take bus, train or motorbike to Mu Cang Chai from Ha noi. Please drop us a line at [email protected], so we will show you how to get to Mu Cang Chai from Ha Noi

What to see in Mu Cang Chai:

01. Che Cu Nha Village

Che Cu Nha Village is a beautiful village that captures people's souls at the first sight. The yelowish green terrace rice with moutain backdrop makes Che Cu Nha the prettiest village in Viet Nam. To get to Che Cu Nha, you need to catch a bus (small bus/direction "Nghia Lo" or "Nha Ba Kim" etc) at Mu Cang Chai town. Then, get it off at a point of 5.5km from Mu Can Chai town on NR.32 and go up a steep slope at left side of the road about 2 km(very steep like a downhill course in ski piste). Afterwards, you will reach to Che Cu Nha with an unblievably stunning view.

02. De Su Phinh Village)
De Su Phinh village is irrefutably the most beautiful rural area in Viet Nam. Open views of the place with the massive mountains in distance and endless lines of terrace rice are some of the most impressive in Mu Cang Chai.
To get to Ze Xu Phinh, you must get on a bus (small bus/direction "Nghia Lo" or "Nga Ba kim" etc) at Mu Cang Chai town and get it off at a point of 17km from Mu Can Chai town(=1 km before Nga Ba Kim town) on NR.32 then cross a river beside of NR.32 and go up a gentle slope about 3 km. At the end, Ze Xu Phinh village will be in front of you.

What to bring when traveling to Mu Cang Chai
    •    Don't forget to bring warm clothing as it can turns cold unexpectedly.
    •    Remember to bring neccessary stuff as hats, sun protection cream, medicine, Insects and mosquito repellents products.

Combining Mu Cang Chai trip with another destination
You can take a long days trip contemplating rice-fields in the harvest in Sapa and Mu Cang Chai. This trip might last for 4-6 days. There are three place in the north of Vietnam that has gorgeous terraced fields for tourists to contemplate and photograph; Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang).

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