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05 Days - The Roof of Vietnam Journey

Ha Giang is one of the remote provinces in north of Vietnam. It is famous for the Dong Van Rock Plateau Global Geo-park. In the past, it’s not easy to come to visit Ha Giang because of complicated permit, it’s much easier now to get visiting Ha Giang. Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark in Ha Giang Province has many gigantic beautiful sceneries, special beautiful sites, diverse and endemic geological system, various groups of valuable and rare animals and vegetables, geological heritages at regional and international levels. This is really an attractive destination of scientists and tourists. We design the tour that helps you deeply explore Ha Giang Karst Plateau Global Geopark and local culture.

Our Advantages & Promise:

  • Flexible time schedule to suit your pace.
  • Selected and trained guides.
  • Meals are in quality local restaurants.
  • Western style service standard

Day by day itinerary:
Day 01:  Hanoi – Ha Giang Adventure Tours (-/-/D)

Depart the capital by road in the morning for the start of your adventure. The drive to Ha Giang takes around 7 hours but is some of the most breathtaking  and stunning scenery in Vietnam and along the way you will stop as often as you like to visit small villages and take photos. After the long drive, stretch your legs with a short walk around Ha Giang to a Tay village. Dwelling in the rugged mountains of Northern Vietnam, the Tay are the largest of Vietnam’s minority groups.   They came south from China centuries ago, though an estimated 100,000 still live in China.  Their appearance and dress are striking.  They have been considered one of the most physically attractive people groups in the region.  Their villages are typically at the foot of a mountain or near a stream.  Set in a picturesque valley near town. Overnight at homestay in Ha Giang.

Day 02:  Ha Giang – Meo Vac Homestay Tours (B/L/-)
Continue northwards this morning to the town of Meo Vac located along the Chinese border. Meo Vac has most of the terrain in the Rock Plateau of Dong Van and above 1000m above sea level. The road from Meo Vac Town to Dong Van Town is 23km which is via the sublime beauty of Ma Pi Leng Pass. Meo Vac has a harsh climate in the winter which is from November to April with dry and freezing cold weather. The six-hour drive takes you through many H’mong villages with several stops made en route. Reaching Meo Vac in early afternoon set of on a light trek along the banks of the Nho Que River to visit villages of the Tay and Nung hilltribes. Overnight at homestay in Meo Vac.

Day 03:  Meo Vac – Dong Van (B/L/-)
After a visit to the morning hilltribe market at Meo Vac take a short drive to Dong Van, passing over ‘Heaven’s Gate Pass’. This road skirts the Chinese border soaring above a deep valley dotted with fields and rock formations. This afternoon there is time to explore the local villages and valleys around Dong Van. Dong Van Town is nestled in a valley in the heart of the Rock Plateau of Dong Van in Ha Giang Province. The town has a cluster of houses that line the street that one end leads to the road to Yen Minh Town and the other end takes you to the sublime beauty of Ma Pi Leng Pass and Meo Vac Town. Dong Van Town is surrounded by rock mountains with a sheer color of gray all year round. Overnight at hotel in Dong Van.

Day 04:  Dong Van – Lung Cu – Tam Son (Yen Minh) (B/L/-)
Following breakfast leave Dong Van for a spectacular 1-hour drive to Lung Cu, the northernmost point of Vietnam, the top piece of land located north of the country extreme, is a land of the Shan tea, honey wine and “Thang Co”, the definition of traditional cultural identity in the ethnic Mong, Lo Lo, Giay. It was also the land of Peach, plum, white snow in the spring and bustling markets in the session.  Discover the diversity of the north with a visit to the local market where hilltribes from around the region come to trade their wares, stop at a palace of a former H’mong king and take a walk through Pho Bang town surrounded by mountains whose peaks are hidden by clouds all the year round. It is after 9 o’clock in the morning, but the town is still so quiet. In a house some elderly villagers are sitting and quietly chatting around the fireplace. Sitting in an old traditional earthen house, visitors experience a peaceful existence allowing them to contemplate the surrounding traditional beauty and wholesomeness; stone fences imprinted with the builders’ compassion for his work, ears of corn bundled together and hung to dry from the rafters or listen to the entertaining banter of neighbors. Continue to Tam Son arriving late this afternoon. Overnight at homestay in Tam Son (Quan Ba).

Day 05: Tam Son (Yen Minh) – Ha Giang – Hanoi (B/L/-)
Looping back to Hanoi, this full day of driving first takes you over the Tam Son townlet looks like a small piece of brocate surrounded by mountains and forests. Especially, the climate is as cool as that in Sapa and Dalat. You can also take a short trek to a H’mong village. Hmong are part of the Miao people, the term “Miao” is most common within China, but “Hmong” is usually used elsewhere.  There are many subgroups of the Miao and many speak mutually unintelligible dialects.    The Hmong are a friendly, affectionate people who enjoy music, festivals and entertaining guests.  It is a paradox that they are also known as fierce warriors.  They live in close-knit communities, usually made up of a single clan, or at most two.  Extended families live in wooden houses that stand on stilts — short on the uphill side and long on the downhill side.  Many homes have three stories, the top for grain storage, the middle for the family, and the lower for animals and storage. You’ll the reach Ha Giang again around midday before continuing onwards to Hanoi arriving early evening. End of our service

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